Since I work a lot with people online specifically in the streaming world a lot of people are looking to create their identity not only through their logos but also social banners! If you take a looksy down below you'll see that I've conveniently placed some things for your eyes to behold!

Logo for streamer beamTV

As I am a fond of E-sports design and branding I wanted to give myself a challenge, to take traditional sports brands, and convert them into E-sports! My first target was hitting home with the Ottawa Senators!

Logo for youtube channel CarelessGaming

The next target for E-sports conversion. The Winnipeg Jets!

Logo for streamer Ehri

A logo designed for League of Legends partner and Twitch Streamer Ehri! Her new mascot logo represents a little ghost with little nubbies for arms as we like to call them.

twitter banner for CS:GO player Stewie2k

I had to the opportunity to work with the aim god himself, Shroud! This was an amazing opportunity for me and I'm super greatful to have had the chance to work with him!

twitter banner for CS:GO player Stewie2k

A twitter banner made for CS:GO player Stewie2k, his fan favorite quote being, sup b#@!h

twitter banner for Streamer dessyy

A personalized twitter banner for one of Nocturnal's lovely streamers Dessyy

twitter banner for CS:GO player Stewie2k

A twitter header made for another professional CS:GO player, this time for the baguette barbarian Kioshima! Cloud 9 is one of my favorite teams so making this one was a fun time!

twitter banner for CS:GO team Astralis

A simplistic banner made for Professional E-sports organization Astralis. #tothestars!

My own personal facebook banner

As you can tell from this personal banner...I'm a little crazy. Come to think of it crazy may be a bit of an understatement, but I think you get where I'm going with it.